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18 January 2022 09:56 WIB - Administrator

Concept Car Carrier

Concept car carrier is a semi-trailer car carrier which has a total length of 17.95 M, a width of 2.48 M. Dimensions are in accordance with government regulation PP No. 55 Year 2012. Max loading capacity is 12 Tons.
The concept car carrier is an adoption of the T-Model car carrier which is used for delivery of Toyota model cars in Japan.

  1. Over Riding Style
    Cars can be loaded above wheels on floor no. 6 because it uses 8R size tires, so the inner width can reach 2,108 mm. Loading a vehicle with a wide body will be easier without worrying about being hit by the wheels on floor no. 6
  2. Special Steel
    The gooseneck and cross members are areas or parts of the car carrier that support the greatest load, so this section must use materials that have high strength. The material used is high strength steel
  3. Air Suspension
    The road conditions used by the car carrier are not always the same, bad road conditions will affect the quality of the frame structure. With the use of Air Suspension, it will be better able to absorb vibrations caused by damaged roads, and will increase the durability of the frame. Users can also adjust the height of the Air Suspension as needed